Ryan Mank, Master at Arms

Ryan Mank has been fencing since 2000, and teaching fencing since 2006; he has training in classical French and Italian styles. He served as an instructor at Classical Fencing Society St. Louis/Trovare di Spada (under Instructor David Achilleus) in St. Louis, Missouri, until July 2012. He then moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico, and founded Red Sun Classical Fencing in October 2012; Expressive Inertia was incorporated in May 2016.

From boards of Masters at Arms variously consisting of Prof. John Sullins, Eric Myers, Puck Curtis, Frank Lurz, Dr. Greg Hicks, Kevin Murakoshi, David Coblentz, and Dr. Dori Coblentz, he received his certification as Instructor at Arms (July 2011), then as Provost at Arms (July 2013), and finally as Master at Arms (July 2022) through the Sonoma State University Fencing Masters Certificate Program. As such, he is qualified to teach Classical Italian Fencing through that tradition. As a student, he has taken (and takes whenever possible) instruction from the Masters on his board, as well as Maestri Sean Hayes, Ramon Martinez, and Jeannette Acosta-Martinez.

In addition to teaching, he has competed in classical fencing tournaments, and has won various competitions across the United States, including the Palm Beach Classical Fencing Open (Foil division, placed in Dueling Sword and Dueling Sabre divisions) in West Palm Beach FL, the Grand Assault of Arms (Dueling Sword division) in New York NY, Fencing on the Frozen Tundra (Foil and Dueling Sword divisions) in Milwaukee WI, and the Redwood Coast Assault of Arms (Foil and Dueling Sword divisions, placed in Dueling Sabre and Historical divisions) in Arcata CA. He is a strong believer in the application of the technique that the Science of Fencing provides; successful application of the Science is yet another facet of one’s fencing training.