The Martial Art of Classical Italian Swordplay

Expressive Inertia is an organization dedicated to teaching the martial art of Classical Fencing in the Italian tradition, and is the parent organization of New Mexico’s premier fencing school, Red Sun Classical Fencing. The training provided is firmly based upon Maestro William Gaugler’s text, The Science of Fencing, as well as that developed by the Classical Fencing Society for over 20 years.

Expressive Inertia’s instruction is classical, rather than modern. This difference means that complete understanding of the systems of defense is our principal objective, not scoring points. It follows a classical pedagogy of a traditional system; the process is logical and focuses on the practical combative techniques passed down to us through the lineage of fencing masters. Rather than adopt unnecessary rules and distort techniques, we maintain the precise and efficient use of dueling weapons.

This is fencing as it was intended; a fighting art and training for a duel. If competition, scoring points, being ranked, or using the modern weapons only as instruments for those goals is important to you, then you’ll probably find a sport/modern fencing club more to your liking. However, if you like swords and want to learn how to use one properly, if you like the history of swords and fencing, if you want to be a part of a western martial arts tradition that goes back for centuries, or even if you want to complement your sport fencing techniques, then traditional/classical fencing is for you. Schedule your lesson today!

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